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29 Jul 2022, 15:37

CSDM single player competition

We are happy to announce to bring some Action here so we decided to start our 1st Tournament based on a single player complitation

How to regestry to the tournament? :

Write under this thread a reply , with

CS nick :
Steam : (If yes pls send your profile here as link)


After the regestry you will get invited into our discord chat
you will get a special role , which allowes you to see the right hidden chat for more infos
It will be a tournament with more then one round
a round ends after 10 minutes
the winners of a round get choosen from both teams (ct and t) the best 3 of each team comes to the next round

Rules :

By breaking the rules it can result a disqualification on the tournament

Using cheats/scripts : disqualification from the tournament + a permanent ban from all phobia servers
Flaming , swearing , insulting , racist speachess : warning , if continueing, disqualfication on the tournament
Using bugs (such as map bugs like under map) : 1 warning , then disqualfication on the tournament
for rage disconnecting before round ends results a 2 daya ban from all phobia servers and discualification from sooner tournaments (at least one)

Prizes :

1st place : 10 euro steam wallet + 3 months admin privileges for free
2nd place : 5 euro steam wallet + 1 month admin privileges for free
3th place : 3 months admin privileges for free
Fair play Throphy : 3 month vip rivileges for free

Announce : the tournament can only start if at least 12 players regestry on the tournament!
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