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Hello Admins

I just want to write a Guide about usage of Admin and Admin Commands

I saw many new admins in servers who don't know how to work on this position and they end up violating Rules. So I hope this guide may help new fellow Admins or atleast give them an idea what actually they have to do.
So lets start with the guide.

PRO TIP:- bind "=" amxmodmenu
(Writing this in console will provide you with the Admin Commands whenever you press "=" key on the keyboard)

Basically, there are some Important Admin Commands everyone must know.
They are:-

1) amx_kick

The usage of this command is as follows.

In Console

amx_kick "Nick" "Reason"
This command will Kick the player whose Nick is mentioned.

amx_ban "Time in minute" "Nick" "Reason"
Mentioning Reason is very important in the ban because it helps In identifying the actual reason behind the Ban.

(I will be posting Ban Times for easy access for the admins)

The easiest way to execute this command is either by Amx mod command list that we binded above.
Or by typing !slap "damage" "Nick" in Say text [Y] (Note:- Don't include " " in the command)

Again, the easiest way is to type !slay "Nick" in Say text [Y] (Note:- Don't include " " in the command)

About this, the easiest way to use this is by Admin command

And now, the most important and complicated stuff is Snap shot menu.
Lets get this, What's Snap Shot menu?

Everyone knows that while we ban a player, 3 snap shots get forced on the player automatically. But, By this Command, You can force more Snap shots on the player to prove he/she is a suspect for WallHack or not.

This menu is easily accessible through Admin Commands Menu.

So this is the end of Admin guide/commands

I'll be posting more guides about this which may help new people to get the concept easily.
Untill then, Thanks for reading :)

Phobia Staff
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