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No matter who are you and what kind of privilegies you have (DONATOR/VIP/ADMIN/PLAYER) rules abusing will lead you to punishment. BAN, privilegy loss will happen for everyone who will break the rules written down bellow. Please read them all and be careful because our actions are final and not subject to appeal.

If you've got banned, do not hurry to pay money for UNBAN feature unless you were really cought cheating or broke the rules down below. You have all the rights to appeal ban on our forum, report privileged players, admins who are abusing the rules. We strongly recommend you to register your nick due to a higher protection. Registered nicks become more privileged than non-registered players. How to register, please read server COMMANDS.

FOR EVERYONE in General:

Cheating/Scripts - PERMANENT BAN.
Racism - 1h GAG, KICK , BAN , Later - PERMANENT BAN.
Rasistic nickname - Warn, kick, 2 days BAN
Swearing - KICK, GAG 1h. If repeats 7days BAN.
Insulting - 1,2,3 kicks. Later - BAN
Clan/Nick copying - 3h BAN.
Blocking players - slay , kick , by repeating 1h-2h BAN.
Voice chat meaningles using - 1h GAG. by continueing BAN 2 Hours
16bit quality setting - 1 week BAN, by repeating Permanent BAN
Flooding chat - 1,2 kicks. Later - 1 week BAN.
Colored models - PERMANENT BAN.
Reconnecting , Rank abusing - 2 Hours BAN
Advertising in chat or by Nick - Warn, KICK , BAN 1 hour , if repeating BAN gets longer

Public Server Extra Rules :

Troublemaking/camping with C4 - 60min. BAN
Avoiding play C4 - 5h BAN.
Spawn Camping - Warn , kick , BAN 1 hour
Speedrunning like Bunnyhop, SgS , or any other kind of Duck/jump skill is forbitten for that you can be banned

CSDM Extra Rules :

Camping on one Spot only is forbitten : Warn , Kick , BAN 1 hour , if repeats the BAN can get longer
Spawntrapping is forbitten : Warn , kick , BAN 1 hour, by repeating the Ban can get longer

CSGO Mod Extra Rules :

Troublemaking/camping with C4 - 60min. BAN
Avoiding play C4 - 5h BAN.
Fake trades can result to reset the the Account

ZM Classic Extra Rules:

Dont go on places where nobody can reach you otherwise SLAY, KICK , BAN 30 mins to 2 hours - if repeats the ban gets longer
Dont go on bugged places like under Map, or over Map otherwise SLAY, KICK , BAN 30 mins to 2 hours - if repeats the ban gets longer
Giving free Ammo result SLAY ,KICK, 2 hours BAN
Dont buy Nemesis in middle of the Round otherwise slay


By Breaking the admin rules you can lose your privilegs AFTER 3 WARNS
You can get WARNED FOR:

Breaking General RULES
Breaking any of Server based RULES
Meaningles use of admin say (@)
Swearing on (@)
Kicks/slaps/slays/bans for fun
Changing maps that are not in a map
Changing maps when 10min left.
Changing maps, unless it's bugged.
Bringing votes for fun.
Bringing votemap, unless map size doesn't fit players online amount.
BAN players due to personal reasons.
Remember you are privileged, so stay mature, respectable, solid.


Making yourself NEMESIS , SURVIVOR , 1st ZOMBIE cause a WARN


Staff admins who abuse there power lose thier privileges after 3 Strikes
you can get Striked for

Breaking any General rule
Breaking any server identified Rules
Breaking any Admin rule
Banning permanent without Reasons
Warning Admins without Reasons

Sinceraly, PHOBIA administration.
PHOBIA GN Servers:
CS.PHOBIA.LT:27015 # Classic
CS.PHOBIA.LT:27022 # Zombie Plague.
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